Community Guidelines

We welcome all Catholics who are sincerely interested in recovery from addiction and deepening their relationship with Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church

The purpose of this online community provided by Catholic in Recovery is to offer information, support and fellowship to those members who struggle with addictions. All members should keep this purpose and the following guidelines in mind.

1. Charity First. This is a Christian forum, intended to be a “safe haven” from the hostility and inhumanity evident elsewhere. Members should behave respectfully and charitably toward everyone.

2. Disruptive Behavior Prohibited. Offensive language and sexually oriented topics or speech are prohibited. Disagreements regarding forum policy or moderation must not be made into a “public issue” by posting about them in the open forum area.

3. Copyright Law. It is the posting member’s duty to investigate whether a copyright exists on material to be posted and to comply with such law.

4. Please keep in mind that the forum moderators are neither priests nor psychologists. Members struggling with psychological, emotional, substance abuse or major personal problems should arrange time with a priest and/or a professional counselor.