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Embracing (and Detaching from) Suffering as a Loved One of an Addict

I am not an addict. I married an unrecovered sex and porn addict but didn’t know it. That’s the simple truth. Since separating from my Catholic husband of over 26 years, many things have become clear to me. One thing is how differently he and I perceive suffering. Since removing myself and our youngest 16-year-old…

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It Is Not Good for Man to Be Alone

It is probably obvious to all of us now—if we didn’t believe it before—but the Coronavirus pandemic has brought to light the reality that we are complex creatures. If Jesus cites (Deuteronomy 8:3) by saying that “man does not live on bread alone” (Matthew 4:4), the book of Genesis predates Jesus by revealing that “it…

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How to Find Healing When Your Family Member Is an Addict

The disease of addiction is devastating on families. Everyone related to the addict often struggles immensely to live with and try to help the person they love dearly and desire more than anything to help.  However, many times with our attempt to help our loved one we inadvertently push him or her further away. We…

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Theology of the Body and Recovering from the Harm of Pornography

“Every man who enters a brothel is looking for God.” This quote, attributed to G.K. Chesterton, is one of the foundational concepts of Saint John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body,” which is a collection of talks the pope gave on human sexuality. Theology of the Body (TOB) teaches that in the Garden of Eden…

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A Cry to Freedom: Finding Healing from Abortion and Addiction

How many times have three simple words passed over my mind that I never spoke out loud? For many times over the years they have remained clenched in denial, shrouded in secrecy, hidden in the darkness of my addiction to drugs and alcohol. But the day finally came when my soul cried out, “I need…

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Keeping Serenity Through the Season

I remember my first stretch of Christmas and New Year’s while in recovery quite well. I had about two and a half months free from alcohol and drug use (which seemed miraculous at the time, as it still does today), and I was preparing for what I knew would be a test of the principles…

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Overcoming the Fear of Public Perception

A few weeks ago I was speaking with the principal of a local high school about rising alcohol and drug issues that his school is experiencing. Upon my second visit with this young man, he took a moment to share with me that his half-brother, at only thirty years old, died of a drug overdose…

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