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The Blessed Mother

Reflecting on “Thy Will Be Done” in Our Recovery

We in Catholic in Recovery are undeniably blessed to have at our fingertips so many avenues and ways to seek God and live according to His perfect will. Our gratitude and blessings of recovery are worth repeating as our hearts and minds have been brought into harmony with God. Every day we have the opportunity…

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Sweet Surrender: The Gift of My Consecration to the Blessed Mother

I’ve read often in recovery literature that surrender is essential to healing from our addictions. But it always frightened me. Surrender felt like giving up—it felt like admitting I can’t do it on my own.  Guess what? I can’t do it on my own. Even just typing that sentence was difficult but lately I’ve found…

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The Rosary Killed My Porn Addiction

According to pious tradition, Our Lady gave 15 promises to those who would pray the rosary with real devotion. Three of those promises are signal graces, an armor against hell, and the destruction of vice. To overcome my porn addiction I needed the Mother of God to keep all three of those promises. In October…

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