ACDH  —  Adult children of dysfunctional homes


All CIR ACDH meetings use the same Zoom meeting credentials:
Call-in #  (646) 876-9923
Meeting ID  838 3036 1798
Password  121212


Mondays  |  6pm ET – 3pm PT

Reparenting Your Inner Child Meeting | We are using non dominant handwriting. Bring a journal for writing and sharing. Lots of ideas for reparenting your inner child.

Meeting script is in development.

Tuesdays  |  4pm ET – 1pm PT

Traits Meeting | This meeting is for those ready to embark on advanced work of their survival traits. We use The Laundry Lists Workbook.

Wednesdays  |  7:30am ET

Strengthening My Recovery Meeting | We read from ACA’s Strengthening My Recovery daily meditation book. Whoever arrives to the meeting first can chair by using this meeting script.

Wednesdays |  12pm ET- 9am PT

Two-Way Prayer & 11th Step Meeting | We read from our journals and pray together. Find out more by visiting the Two-Way Prayer site.

Meeting script is in development.

Thursdays  |  7pm ET – 4pm PT

The Big Red Book Foundational Meeting | We read from the ACA Big Red Book. All are welcome, especially newcomers!

ACDH is a safe non-judgemental community that allows us to identify and heal childhood trauma. We experience freedom from shame, fear, and abandonment, and with God’s help, become our own loving parents, able to live life in the present moment. Saint Thérèse of Lisieux and Saint Joseph are our ACDH patron saints — pray for us!

Welcome Newcomers

Welcome, new members of Adult Children of Dysfunctional Homes! To start your journey towards recovery, we suggest reading the ACA Big Red Book and subscribing to the daily meditations from ACA’s Strengthening My Recovery. We look forward to seeing you at our ACDH meetings, where you’ll find others who understand how you feel and will offer love and encouragement on this beautiful path of spiritual growth and emotional sobriety.

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