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How Eucharistic Adoration Healed My Father Wound

A few years ago, I was at a wedding when I was struck by the particular charism of the priest offering the ceremony. He was warm, relaxed, and extremely welcoming. He also could read a room, which was reflected in the way he presented his homily to a largely irreligious crowd. He even told us…

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Hearing the Voice of God in the Voice of Others

When in the rooms of recovery, you often hear how people are depending on each other for support not only in staying sober, but for handling the difficult situations of life. The Twelve Steps are meant to guide us towards a God-reliance, which can be difficult to have without the help of others. Others Can…

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The Value of a Catholic Approach to Recovery

Michael Murphy, Ed.D., writes as a Catholic psychologist with more than three decades of experience combining clinical psychology and the Catholic faith. He writes regularly for CIR on topics related to addiction recovery, mental health, and Catholicism. As we witness the emergence of Catholic in Recovery, I find myself excited again at the thought of…

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God Dwells Within Us

As we get further into our recovery journey, we find that prayer is at the heart of what helps get us sober and an essential element of keeping us in recovery. Our first admission of a problem may have been a prayerful, crying out to what seemed to be only ourselves. In moments like those,…

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He Washed My Feet

  “You and I are going on a journey together, and neither one of us is coming back,” Michael said as I gazed back at him, utterly confused yet somewhat understanding at the same time. Then he started to wash my feet. I was bearing witness to the practice set forth by Jesus Christ when…

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Addiction Dehumanizes

We are in the grips of spiritual warfare. While God is our source of life and salvation, the enemy uses some of our God-given desires to pull us away from His sunlight. One of the paramount tools that is used in this fight against good is addiction. Often starting as a brief source of relief…

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Broken: But Not Beyond Repair

On my way to church yesterday morning I was stopped at a red light where a young man, about my age, was crossing with his Bible in hand.  It seemed to me that he was heading to a church service at a nearby Methodist or Presbyterian church, and I envisioned him to be answering a…

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