Personal Testimony

Digging out of a Deep Hole

I have had a long love/hate relationship with school. It has been both a rose and a thorn in my life, getting much more complicated when my addiction to alcohol, drugs, and other attachments ran rampant upon starting my freshman year of college. Growing up, I typically did well in school. However, as courses required…

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He Washed My Feet

  “You and I are going on a journey together, and neither one of us is coming back,” Michael said as I gazed back at him, utterly confused yet somewhat understanding at the same time. Then he started to wash my feet. I was bearing witness to the practice set forth by Jesus Christ when…

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The Highs and Lows of Recovery

I was 21 years old, sitting in rehab after being arrested for my second drunk driving offense, and I was very in touch with how the world had done me wrong. My step-mom gave me a journal to take with me during my stay, and in it I jotted down some notes about how my…

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