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Learning to Accept Our Belovedness as God’s Children

My path to victory started almost six years ago with my Consecration to Divine Mercy. I recently completed another self-directed retreat called “A Total Consecration to the Father Through Jesus Based on the Gospel of John,” which was aided by another book written by Fr. Michael Gaitley. Through this retreat, I more deeply realized that…

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The Value of Doing a Daily Examen to Receive God’s Grace

When I do an Examination of Conscience, or my Daily Examen, I’m often confronted with how sinful I am. A Daily Examen is the practice of recounting our shortcomings and sins prayerfully in the presence of the Lord, asking for His forgiveness and the strength to do better. But contrary to popular understanding, acknowledging our…

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Step Eleven Reminds Us Never to Stop Seeking God

Step Eleven reads: “Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.”  Many old-timers will say this step is vital for achieving long-term sobriety and having real peace of mind. What begins…

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How to Respond to Anti-Catholic Sentiments in Recovery Meetings

When I first walked through the doors of a 12-step meeting over 13 years ago I was hopeless, helpless, and desperate for a change. It was by far the hardest and best thing I ever did and I immediately felt accepted in a room full of complete strangers. 30 days earlier while in treatment I…

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A Reflection on Attachment, Addiction, Psychology, and Spiritual Formation: Part Two

In my last article, I talked about “attachment” as a common thread among addiction, psychology, and spirituality. Attachment in all of these areas is about relationships, whether spiritual (God and the human being), psychological (mother and child), or self-destructive (a person and his or her compulsive, self-destructive behaviors). Healthy divine and human relationships bring about…

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Nature’s Solace on the Journey of Recovery

In my effort to maintain sobriety, it has often been necessary to find time to be alone, away from the perceived and actual craziness that is life. For when things become too crazy there can come the sense of hopelessness. And if this is not tended to, an apathy can settle in that makes relapse…

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Love Is Coming: Preparing the Manger of Your Heart This Advent

As the church enters a new liturgical year, She also marks the beginning of Advent. This is made evident by the color purple, which adorns the worship space and also the priests’ vestments. Each Sunday, a candle is lit, illuminating a path that leads us to hope, love, joy (represented by the rose-colored candle on…

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Caught in the Hands of a Loving God

Those of us who have fought the battle of habitual sin often times have had difficulty with the feelings and consequences of being caught in our sins. When we think back to the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, after the Fall, we recall that they hid themselves because they saw…

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