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Clearing up the Stigma: My Experience at Inpatient Rehab

Recently, I was having dinner with a friend who was describing a close friend’s sudden collapse of character, which included behaviors and activities that weren’t congruent with this person’s normal character. As a layman, I can’t diagnose the situation but it certainly seemed the person needed some serious professional help—and I mean that with all…

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Removing My “Shame Filter” and Finding Healing Through EMDR Therapy

I first came to learn about trauma through my first 12-step group. Many of the guys who had done intensive therapy would talk about it from time to time. Certainly, I had heard about PTSD, but my underdeveloped understanding of trauma led me to believe that only people who had gone through something “huge,” such…

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The Body Keeps Score: Real Recovery Includes Emotional Healing

When I started recovery, the stories that people told me about both their addictions and the families they came from fascinated me. As a man named “Dan” once said, “My family put the fun in dys-FUN-ction.”  Over and over again at 12-step meetings, I have heard people mention the early roots of their addiction—being sexually…

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