A Glimpse into Another Dimension

I’m a pretty sensitive guy. When I get choked up at weddings or during special moments, it comes to no surprise to my wife, friends, or family members there to witness it. However, I have lately found myself getting even more emotional than usual. Just the other day, while driving with my wife, Jacqueline, a…

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He Washed My Feet

  “You and I are going on a journey together, and neither one of us is coming back,” Michael said as I gazed back at him, utterly confused yet somewhat understanding at the same time. Then he started to wash my feet. I was bearing witness to the practice set forth by Jesus Christ when…

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"Shalom": Finding Peace Through Disappointment and Shame

Isolated. Alone. Drunk and/or stoned. This was a regular way of life for me for quite some time. It was my best solution to distance myself from the people who loved me most, while at the same time distancing myself from the constant disappointment that I brought to those relationships. I was full of shame…

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