What Sobriety Has Taught Me About the Purpose of Confession

When many of us in recovery approach Step Four (make a “searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves”), it often seems like a daunting task. Most of us living with an active addiction do not spend a lot of time looking at ourselves in a critical way. For many in recovery, approaching Step Four comes…

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Transformed and Unified: On the Eucharist and Recovery

The Twelve Steps of recovery and the sacraments of the Catholic Church work in a very similar way. While some of the steps and each of the sacraments have great ritual and reverence around them regarding initiation, each are to be continually practiced. Finding a source to continue practicing these principles in all of our…

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Moving Towards Baptism and Welcoming the Newcomer

The following is a short excerpt from Scott’s upcoming book, The Twelve Steps and the Sacraments: A Catholic Journey through Recovery: One of the most beautiful moments of the Catholic Church’s liturgical year takes place during the Easter Vigil when new members of the Church are baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy…

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