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Simple Advice for When We Question God’s Love for Us

One of my local churches has recently distributed signs stating very simply, “We all have questions.”  Sometimes we question the very existence of God. Sometimes we question His nature: is He truly all powerful? Omnipresent? All knowing? All merciful? All loving? Can He really be concerned with every hair on our heads? Does He actually…

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The Body Keeps Score: Real Recovery Includes Emotional Healing

When I started recovery, the stories that people told me about both their addictions and the families they came from fascinated me. As a man named “Dan” once said, “My family put the fun in dys-FUN-ction.”  Over and over again at 12-step meetings, I have heard people mention the early roots of their addiction—being sexually…

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How to Find Healing When Your Family Member Is an Addict

The disease of addiction is devastating on families. Everyone related to the addict often struggles immensely to live with and try to help the person they love dearly and desire more than anything to help.  However, many times with our attempt to help our loved one we inadvertently push him or her further away. We…

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Hearing the Voice of God in the Voice of Others

When in the rooms of recovery, you often hear how people are depending on each other for support not only in staying sober, but for handling the difficult situations of life. The Twelve Steps are meant to guide us towards a God-reliance, which can be difficult to have without the help of others. Others Can…

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You’re More than Just an Addict

A few years ago, I was at a 12-step meeting when one of the members called for a “group conscious.” These are periodically called for in order for the group to talk about the vision, structure, and policies of the group. The “group conscious” must be agreed upon because it allows the group to function…

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I’m Going to Be Okay: Finding the Confidence to Open Up

My initial burst into SAA (Sex Addicts Anonymous) came rather dramatically, as I tend to think many people’s entrances into 12-step groups tends to be. Although I felt at home from the start, it was a bit of a culture shock. My issue is pornography, but in SAA groups pornography is par for the course.…

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