A letter to the Catholic in Recovery community and our supporters:

This summer I had the opportunity to spend 70 days driving around the country to visit Catholic in Recovery groups along the way. During this trip, I had a chance to participate in meetings, learn from the experience of participants, and offer formation/training to volunteer leaders in 16 different states. In addition, we led a Catholic in Recovery retreat at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, AL and I presented in front of a group of diocesan leaders for an event held by the McGrath Institute for Church Life at Notre Dame.

What I witnessed during my trip was a profound transformation taking place in the lives of Catholic in Recovery community members who were once enslaved by addiction or suffering with a loved one’s addiction and are now living freely. I’ve witnessed families reuniting. Dozens of members have shared about a return to the Catholic Church or recent reception into the Church thanks to their commitment to Catholic in Recovery. Hope is being restored. Lives are being saved.

Reaching Souls | I recall a conversation that I had with a woman in North Myrtle Beach, SC after attending their Friday night General Recovery Meeting. We’ll call her Tonya. Tonya shared about finding Overeaters Anonymous (OA) and Al-Anon about 40 years ago while dealing with family addiction challenges and overeating compulsively. It saved her life at the time, however her participation in those fellowships began to take the place of her participation in the Catholic Church.

About 10 years ago, she found herself a bit disillusioned with secular 12-step recovery and slowly stepped away from it. After feeling lost and looking for something different, Tonya made the move to Myrtle Beach about a year-and-a-half ago. Shortly after, a friend referred her to a Catholic radio show in which I was a guest and she went online to find a Catholic in Recovery group in her new community. Since then, Tonya has returned to fully participating in the Catholic Church, is active in her local Catholic in Recovery group, and has made a return to OA and Al-Anon meetings. Her story is nothing short of miraculous and it was an honor to receive her gratitude for the community we’re building. In whatever way I can, I would like to extend her gratitude to you.

The Need | When I founded Catholic in Recovery in 2015, I never saw any of this coming. After my own experience with the darkness of alcoholism and drug addiction, I merely started a website to share experience, strength, and hope related to 12-step addiction recovery and the traditions of the Catholic Church. There were very few Catholic resources that touched on addiction or 12-step recovery, and I was merely providing a resource that I thought would be helpful for myself and other people like me. That includes a man named Jason who recently shared with the Catholic in Recovery community that he is 120 days clean and sober from drugs and alcohol after nearly losing everything, including his family with whom he is now reconnecting. Jason has been trying to get sober for over 15 years and this is the most freedom he’s experienced, which he attributes to integrating the sacraments into his recovery.

Much has developed over the past eight years. The need for a Catholic addiction recovery fellowship was evident by the number of people who began reaching out for help or volunteering to serve in their local community. Today, the need is more clear than ever!

Growth | In 2017, after being offered a contract by Ave Maria Press to write a book titled The Twelve Steps and the Sacraments, I was asked to give a few talks at local parishes in San Diego. From there, we began the first CIR general recovery group at St. Joseph Cathedral. Two more groups began in San Diego that year – one for men seeking recovery from lust addiction and another for family members impacted by a loved one’s addiction. In 2018, groups began in Portland, OR, Albuquerque, NM, and Columbus, OH. As of today, there are over 90 active CIR groups in 30 states across the country as well as six in Canada and two in Mexico. Our first group in Europe is preparing to start before the end of the year.

In 2020 when the pandemic hit, we immediately began virtual meetings—about 5 per week. It provided a means for anyone around the world to connect with the Catholic in Recovery community and has been a place where recovery and new relationships have been born. We now have 50 weekly CIR meetings taking place via Zoom. Over 1,000 people from all corners of the globe participate in Catholic in Recovery virtual meetings every week. Hundreds of people are currently working through the Twelve Steps and integrating the sacraments with the aid of The Catholic in Recovery Workbook (2022) and a sponsor or small workbook group. 

When Catholic in Recovery began, it was just me working out of my spare bedroom and meeting people at coffee shops. Now, in addition to hundreds of volunteers around the world, I have hired three other employees – a Director of Recovery, a Graphic Designer, and an Operations Officer who was volunteering for nine months before being hired. In addition, two contracted workers have valuable positions on our team including a Director of Content and Administrative Assistant. 

We are in an exciting transition where the revenue being generated by CIR+ subscriptions, merchandise sales, and services will contribute to a big percentage of our standard operating expenses within the next twelve months. Since we began, we have relied on the generosity of donors to subsidize most of our operating expenses. As we make this transition, many exciting opportunities are on the horizon such as hosting our first annual convention at Notre Dame next fall, providing additional CIR retreats around North America, adapting our resources into Spanish, printing books and pamphlets that are now only available electronically, and investing in the start of a Catholic in Recovery podcast to share a message of hope and healing to a broader audience. 

A Call for Help | In order to make this next leap, we need your help! We stand at a turning point where we can scale our efforts to help an estimated 10,000 individuals who are impacted by addiction by the end of 2024. This is the next step in our long-term vision of having Catholic in Recovery meetings and resources in every Catholic diocese around the world. Our concept of bringing together individuals and families seeking freedom from addiction in order to find hope and healing through the Twelve Steps and the sacraments is proving to work and the impact we can have around the world is nearly unlimited.

Will you help us bring this vision closer to reality with a one-time donation or a monthly recurring gift? I understand that each of us have a different capacity to give and I am grateful for you considering any type of financial support to help individuals and families impacted by addiction. You can make a difference in the life of someone like Tonya or Jason. To get a better idea of the impact your financial support can make, consider the following:

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$10,000Raised $100 towards the $10,000 target.$100Raised $100 towards the $10,000 target.1%


subsidizes the internal net cost of starting 1 in-person CIR group
(goal of 50)

goes to a fund offering scholarships for 2 individuals who would like to attend a CIR retreat in the next year but are unable to afford it
(goal of 12)

allows us to print 500 copies of one of our ebooks including the CIR Sponsorship Guide, Rosary Reflections, CIR Novena, and seasonal reflections
(goal of 10)

covers our costs to host 1 retreat for individuals and families impacted by addiction in the next year with an average attendance of 50 people
(goal of 7)

goes toward research and development for a Catholic in Recovery podcast in partnership with a reputable Catholic media company
(goal of 2)

covers the cost of sponsoring an addiction-themed talk given by Fr. Sean Kilcawley at the 2024 FOCUS SEEK Conference with a 90-second video sharing about the hope and healing made available through CIR
(goal of 1)

allows us to produce, edit, and share a new video course and module to be added to CIR+, our digital resource platform
(goal of 4)

allows CIR to host a 1-hour breakout session for priests, campus ministers, chaplains, and FOCUS missionaries at the 2024 FOCUS SEEK Conference with the aim of helping students overcome addiction and starting new CIR groups on college campuses
(goal of 1)

enhances training and formation resources for Catholic in Recovery meeting facilitators
(goal of 1)

$10,000 DONATION
allows us to adapt Catholic in Recovery resources in Spanish
(goal of 1)

$15,000 DONATION
gives us the runway to hire an Operations Officer to oversee sales, fulfillment, service requests, member relations, and general community support
(goal of 1) met!

$20,000 DONATION
provides the capacity for us to host the first annual CIR convention in the fall of 2024 with the plan of drawing participants from around the world, Catholic partners working with addiction recovery, tracks for various addiction types, support for priests and clergy, access to relevant vendors, and a big party to celebrate God’s glory
(goal of 1)

$50,000 DONATION
will save hundreds of lives over time by making CIR+ resources available through a mobile app with help available at the click of a button
(goal of 1)

$1,000,000 DONATION
puts us in a position to partner with the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend to build a Catholic addiction recovery treatment center accessible to anyone and rooted in a blend between the Twelve Steps and the sacraments
(goal of 1)


$25 / MONTH
contributes to hosting fees, recording software, and editing services to maintain and expand virtual meetings, webinars, and events
(goal of 20)

$50 / MONTH
contributes to basic benefits for Catholic in Recovery employees such as health care and retirement
(goal of 15)

$100 / MONTH
supports ongoing website development, technical support, and digital platform maintenance with the help of our long-time partner, New Eve Media
(goal of 10)

$250 / MONTH
supports research and development of new Catholic in Recovery resources with plans to launch the following in coming years: a Catholic in Recovery Bible, annual and seasonal daily reflection books, monthly devotionals, a thorough exploration of Saints related to addiction recovery, and much more
(goal of 6)

$500 / MONTH
covers monthly graphic design expenses for bringing awareness to new and existing CIR meetings and resources
(goal of 4)

$1,000 / MONTH
supports the cost of leasing space for Catholic in Recovery’s headquarters in San Diego where CIR meetings are held, inventory and fulfillment is maintained, and local trainings/gatherings take place
(goal of 2)

Your tax-exempt donations can be made and maintained through our online giving portal at or by mailing a check to our mailing address:

Catholic in Recovery
9235 Activity Road, Ste 109
San Diego, CA 92126

If you are mailing a check and want to express a commitment to give, you may complete this form to indicate your intentions. 

Check back often to see updates on how our campaign is doing and please, if you feel called, share this message with a friend or family member who might feel called to help transform lives impacted by addiction. In addition, please keep our fellowship in your prayers. We recognize Catholic in Recovery as not just an organization but more of a community of men and women looking after each other and any newcomers looking for a Catholic spiritual solution to addiction. Praise God that He has made this all possible!

Thank you for giving consideration helping  individuals and families impacted by addiction by financially supporting the mission of Catholic in Recovery. 

God bless you abundantly,


Scott Weeman
Founder and Executive Director
Catholic in Recovery

Note: Catholic in Recovery is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded on the mission of serving individuals and families impacted by addiction through a blend of the Twelve Steps and sacraments of the Catholic Church.