2024 WEBINARS1  —  APRIL  MAY  |  JUNE  |  JULY      &  2024 WORKSHOPS2  —  APRIL  |  MAY  |  JUNE  |  JULY 

    2024 WEBINARS1


THU 4/16/24  |  6PM ET / 13PM PT

Scripture in Recovery | Join the Catholic in Recovery community and Fr. Charlie Becker on Tuesday, April 16 for a webinar overlapping the application of Scripture to our experience in 12-step recovery. Oftentimes, the reflections of our heart can only be captured by the writings of sacred Scripture.

 PRESENTER(S)   Fr. Charlie & Joanne

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 Mary, Queen of Our Recovery
THU 5/2/24  |  1PM ET / 10AM PT

 The Eucharist is the Source & Summit of Our Recovery
FRI 6/14/24  |  9PM ET / 6PM PT

 Founder’s Wisdom: The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous 
THU 7/18/24  | 7PM ET / 4PM PT

MON 4/22/24  |  8PM ET / 5PM PT

Lust Addiction Recovery | Lust addiction affects countless people all around the world from all walks of life and all faith backgrounds. When struggling with an addiction and compulsion like this, it can feel that nothing will bring the healing and freedom you desperately seek. You are not alone.

 PRESENTER(S)   Fr. Sean K & Scott W

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 Alcoholism Recovery Workshop
TUE 5/14/24  |  8PM ET / 5PM PT

 Food Addiction Recovery Workshop
MON 6/24/24  | 8PM ET / 5PM PT

 Drug Addiction Recovery Workshop
JULY 2024  |  TBD

 1CiR WEBINARS are live virtual events led by CIR members with various addiction experiences and backgrounds, including alcoholism, drug addiction, lust-related addiction, compulsive eating, adult children of dysfunctional homes, and more. Past webinars have covered general recovery-related topics, including hearing the voice of God in prayer, making the most of recovery meetings, building a foundation for recovery, working the Twelve Steps, overcoming resentment, and more. Attendees are welcome to ask questions via chat and remain unseen (and anonymous) throughout the webinar. CIR+ members have access to all previously recorded webinars.
 2CIR WORKSHOPS are live virtual events offering an opportunity to hear from someone with a specific addiction experience or nuanced background related to recovery. In these workshops, attendees are welcome to participate in a more active setting, similar to a CIR meeting. Upcoming workshops will cover specific recovery-related topics related to lust-addiction, compulsive overeating, alcoholism, drug addiction, sponsoring someone, and more. These virtual events are not recorded and so not available to watch at a later date.