Congratulations, welcome, we’re grateful you’re here! If you are new to recovery or to Catholic in Recovery, we encourage you to commit to your recovery by attending a variety of meetings, note about anonymity. (Scott will finish writing this

CIR Virtual Meeting Etiquette & Suggestions

• Please use appropriate behavior while on camera, which includes being appropriately dressed. Out of respect for others, please refrain from eating or smoking/vaping while on camera and please do not use profane language.

• Unless you’re in a meditation meeting or you are driving, we recommend that you be in a setting where others cannot overlook or overhear the meeting. If necessary, use headphones. This helps us be fully present with each other, committed to recovery, and protective of everyone’s anonymity. Additionally, you are encouraged to be on camera during the meeting or, at the very least, while you are sharing.

• While sharing, please do your best to limit descriptions of your past such as euphoric details related to your drink/drug of choice or sexual acting out. We want everyone to share honestly and authentically while understanding that some details are best kept between you and your sponsor.

• Unless it is your turn to share, please keep yourself muted. This helps avoid distracting background sounds and protects your privacy. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself muted as our co-hosts are monitoring the meeting and will assist you if necessary.

• During group share time, please use the “raise hand” icon available at the bottom of your Zoom screen in the “reactions” tab to indicate that you would like to share. When choosing the next person to share, look to see if anyone has their hand raised.

• Please use the “clapping hands” icon available in the bottom in the “reactions” tab if you would like to acknowledge someone after they’ve shared.

• Based on the number of people in the group, time available for each share will be declared prior to sharing. Please be mindful of the length of your share and feel free to time yourself. In most cases, a timer will notify you that it’s time to wrap up your sharing and call on the next person.

• If using the reflection questions as a prompt for your share, consider responding to the one question that seems most relevant to you. There is no obligation to answer any or all of the questions. It’s very appropriate to share experience, strength, and hope related to recovery principles shared by the leader, read in the reflections, or inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Suggestions for Connecting with Others in a Virtual CIR Meeting

• Show up consistently to the same weekly meetings – find a meeting to make as your “home group”

• Share what you need/what you are seeking (sponsor, encouragement, resources, etc)

• If you connect with someone who has shared, let them know verbally or through direct message on zoom. (Please understand not everyone checks the chat room, so they may not see your message)

• Stick around after this meeting and the group facilitator will take some time to answer any questions you have and introduce you to other resources and opportunities for fellowship

• Don’t delay in taking on a service role in the group – even in a virtual meeting

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of meetings made available by Catholic in Recovery?

Answer to come…

How can we all find recovery together when many of us in a general recovery meeting have different addiction types?

Different symptoms of the same spiritual malady, our solution is the same – found in the Twelve Steps and the sacraments; holistic recovery – if we do not fully surrender to God and recovery as the solution, it can be easy to pick up a different addiction as a substitute

How do I find people with similar addiction experiences as me?

Listen for the similarities, not the differences, attend different virtual meetings

How can I find a sponsor in Catholic in Recovery meetings?

Share about your need for a sponsor, get to know other group members by attending the same meeting(s) consistently, ask to connect with them outside of the meeting

What about the Seventh Tradition? What can I do to support the Catholic in Recovery community?

Answer TBD

Now that I’m in a Catholic in Recovery virtual meeting, what should I do about the meetings I am already attending? Should I be attending other local meetings in addition to virtual CIR meetings?

Answer TBD