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    ScottScott Weeman

    Here you can discuss your experience with sponsorship, either working with a sponsor or as a sponsor yourself.
    What are some of the benefits you have found in working with a sponsor? What are some of the qualities you’ve found in a sponsor that help you through your recovery journey? What practices do you encourage your sponsees to maintain as you’re working together?

    MartinMartin Thompson

    Working with a “good” sponsor has helped me to have a solid understanding of recovery and how to apply the 12 steps of recovery in my life as they are outline in the textbook of Alcoholics Anonymous. Sponsorship has been a very important aspect in my life over the past 16 years of my sobriety, both as a sponsee and sponsor. It makes sense to me that I would want help from someone who has been through the process that leads to freedom from darkness and bondage and someone who understands my pain and addictions based on their own experience. Being a sponsor allows me to practice the principle of carrying the message of recovery to others who struggle with addictions as a means to protect and maintain my own sobriety and quality of that sobriety.

    Just last night my sponsor had a “big book” step meeting at his house with his sponsees, their sponsees, and a few other friends. We discussed the first 3 steps as they are outlined in the “big book” and we each shared our experience with those steps and how they have helped us to recover from a hopeless state of mind and body. Next month we will go over steps 4 and 5 and so on each month. This is an awesome way to combine fellowship, support, accountability, and recovery for the purpose of growing spiritually in sobriety and equipping ourselves with the tools laid out in the “big book” in order to help those who are still struggling in their addictions.

    Great topic! Thanks Scott.

    CarmenCarmen Pascual

    Hi. I am very new to this but not new to AA. Many meetings but have been turned off by anti Catholic sentiment in AA. The meetings made me want to drink more. I want to be sober but cannot fully let go. I need a good sponsor to help me. I suffer from depression, PTSD and anxiety. Have been hospitalized twice. Have been in rehab. Nothing seems to help. Why do I keep drinking? I feel possessed somehow. Help.


    Hi. I am in recovery for codependency. It is probably a very good idea to watch for someone who has what you want and to then approach them to be your sponsor. Unfortunately, I have no CoDA meetings nearby, so I was going to phone meetings. They were working out just fine for a while. However, I asked for a sponsor and someone from a kind of “renegade” group approached me and I began to work with this person. I found out that this group is very militant and I was taken through the steps in about two weeks. I was then told I was “recovered” and may begin to sponsor others. I was to refer to myself as “recovered” in meetings. I extricated myself from that situation and then began a search for a sponsor. I did find one and am very grateful because I have been working at the steps in a time frame that seems more thorough. I am, however, a bit disappointed. I feel I am being cut a bit too much slack. I think I was hoping for more accountability. My sponsor did mention that others are harder on their sponsees. But, I am going with it and I will see how it goes. I am almost at the end and have made progress. Thanks for letting me share.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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