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    Jeanie Hope
    JJ Hope

    So I am also brand new to this group, I also converted to the Catholic Church in 2011 with my husband. I had been involved in Celebrate Recovery a few years before our conversion. I do have your book on order, as several of us at our parish are looking into starting a 12 Step Catholic Recovery Program and this seems to be something that we might like to tap into or maybe even help with… But I fall into the Celebrate Recovery hurts, habits and hangups category (or put another way other attachments vs the addictions currently listed). Our thought was that all of us need recovery including family members who may not have the topics listed here… I realize this is all new and I’m new to looking through here… are there plans to include groups for “other attachments” (ie. fear, control, …)? Thank you for your time and understanding if I am not supposed to be in this group…

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