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    Scott WeemanScott Weeman

    Recovery from food-related addiction, compulsion, and conditions can come in many forms. Important aspects included in the process include fellowship, sponsorship, service, an action plan, and spiritual growth. What are your experiences around food and eating problems: what has inspired you to find healing and what have been some key elements to your recovery?

    Karen GrehmKaren Grehm

    I am a lifelong overeater. I am interested in a twelve-step type recovery program, but would really like to find one for Catholics. I am a little wary of the generic “higher power” language – would like to find a group near me (northern California, near Sacramento) with a solid Catholic grounding. Thanks for any help you can offer!

    Ann ConnellyAnn Connelly

    I am a recovered compulsive eater currently involved with OAHOP. I love getting to share from the big book on the telephone meetings but wonder if I may be of use in my parish.
    As a cradle Catholic I experimented with drugs and alcohol in high school, which definitely made me “feel” better but just wasn’t who I am. Food on the other hand, is cunning, baffling and powerful. It had been my go to obsession all my life and was covert and although noticed to some degree, I was able to ignore it for a softer easier way until my late 50’s. Now 2+years into recovery my faith in Christ is my solution instead of food.
    Are there any others out there in San Diego County suffering with food problems? Could it be the unaddressed pink elephant in the middle of the sanctuary? What do you think?

    Ruth YeagerRuth Yeager

    I do prefer a Catholic based recovery program. I have been in RU but that is mostly through Baptist Churches. I really didn’t have problems there, but they don’t follow any Catholic doctrine. I am a cradle Catholic; left the church for several years after marrying a lax Protestant. Yes, spirituality is something we addicts lack. We need to humble ourselves and accept that God is in charge. The very big hole in me needs filled with accepting God’s love and guidance, not an addiction. Sorry I live clear across the country in West Virginia, but I am sure California has or will have groups. Starting one isn’t that hard. The group gets it’s strength from all participants. A person is needed to keep things organized and on topic. Good luck, Kathy K.

    Kathy KnessKathy Kness

    My name is Kathy and I am a compulsive overeater. I was a member of OA for almost 20 years and have decided to bow out for several reasons. Generally speaking, the program had become too watered down for me and sometimes antagonistic to my Catholic faith. With that being said, I am extremely grateful for the recovery I did find through the 12 Step Program and for the blessing of so many wonderful OA friends. I am so thankful to discover this CiR site and Scott’s ministry. I plan to read his book and possibly (by the grace of God!) start a meeting here in Pennsylvania. As I believe that God (my HIGHEST power!) led me to OA, I believe He has also led me here. I used to kid my non-Catholic friends that God was my HIGHEST power but that I was also blessed to have many HIGHER powers e.g. the Blessed Mother and all the Angels and Saints! Not all of them would get it, but know that you all do! May our friends in high places intercede for us all!!

    Deborah McElroyDeborah McElroy

    I finally feel like I am home……

    Tom MastrogiovanniTom Mastrogiovanni

    My name is Tom and I’m a compulsive overeater. I joined GreySheeeters Anonymous back in November and as of March 1 I’m down 52 pounds so far. I’d like to lose another 35-40 pounds. I never thought I could do this, but with a little bit of willingness, grace has been able to come in and do things I could never do. I’ve met people who have been abstinent in GSA for many years. I attend a different 12 Step program for another issue and have done so for 16 years. GSA has helped me to be more honest and has helped me deepen my relationship with God. Other people’s spirituality is their business. It’s better for me to focus on the similarities than the differences.

    Jeanne BergeronJeanne Bergeron

    Hi my name is Jeanne. As a cumpulsive overeater I have tried OA twice. Had to quit both times becuse of how things were done. I have also tried almost every diet possible. The past year I have been able to lose about 40 pounds with the help of my doctor’s nurse practitioner who has a class for people with weight issues. I have never been to a CIR meeting but I am trying to get my pastor to approve having one.

    Ken PooleKen Poole

    Hi, I’m Ken, a compulsive overeater. I’m glad I found this forum because, like I see in some other posts here, I feel uncomfortable in the OA meetings / literature where “Higher Power” is used instead of God / Jesus. I get anxiety about whether I should evangelize the members who don’t believe in the one true God of Catholicism. My current sponsor is homosexual, and that’s another issue about whether I should mention his problematic lifestyle.
    I’ve been in and out of OA for over 10 years. I’m starting over again today, trying to take one day at a time. I’m realizing I need to give up the illusion of control over a lot of my life, and really hand my life over to Christ. As OA points out, this is a “head” problem, not a “food” problem.
    I hope to be able to get and give support here.

    Tom MastrogiovanniTom Mastrogiovanni

    Well done, Ken… I joined GSA November, 2018, as of today I’ve lost 89 pounds. I don’t have the power to do the GSA program but God does. He has done for me what I couldn’t do for myself. I’ve been in AA for 17 years as well. I understand your feelings about a ”Higher Power”, The Big Book states that AA is a program of attraction not promotion. I think the best way to be a good Catholic witness to our friends in the rooms is to let God live in me by loving and being of service to others… So I will love them and let God will handle the results.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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