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TomTom Mastrogiovanni

I’ve been in AA for 16 years and I don’t like it either. I’ve learned it is an opportunity for me to pray for that person, bringing to mind that they are God’s kid, he loves them, and that is my brother/sister in pain.
Sometimes when the topic is on step 2 or 3 I’ll share that I had a lot of false beliefs regarding what I thought the church of my youth was all about, then after I got sober and became open minded, I began to learn as an adult that the things I thought I knew about my religion was from uninformed people and or stuff I simply made up to deflect looking at myself. For a period of time I tried to stay sober on my own without AA… I was miserable and all my character defects came to the surface. When I’m active in AA, I’m teachable, I listen to those who have walked the path before me, I become closer to the man I hope God intends for me to be, the result is I’m a happier person. AA structure and guidance points to a direction that is fulfilling. My Church does the same. It provides a roadmap and approach that directs me to have a genuine, fulfilling relation with God. I just have to be willing to be open-minded and humble to to follow directions.