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Reply To: Food/Overeating Recovery

Reply To: Food/Overeating Recovery

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KathyKathy Kness

My name is Kathy and I am a compulsive overeater. I was a member of OA for almost 20 years and have decided to bow out for several reasons. Generally speaking, the program had become too watered down for me and sometimes antagonistic to my Catholic faith. With that being said, I am extremely grateful for the recovery I did find through the 12 Step Program and for the blessing of so many wonderful OA friends. I am so thankful to discover this CiR site and Scott’s ministry. I plan to read his book and possibly (by the grace of God!) start a meeting here in Pennsylvania. As I believe that God (my HIGHEST power!) led me to OA, I believe He has also led me here. I used to kid my non-Catholic friends that God was my HIGHEST power but that I was also blessed to have many HIGHER powers e.g. the Blessed Mother and all the Angels and Saints! Not all of them would get it, but know that you all do! May our friends in high places intercede for us all!!

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