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JohnJohn Lopez

I currently am working step 9 I have 3 1/2 months sobriety but for that it was 2yrs 10 months so I don’t know if I am anyone to be listening too.
My tools 1st be working step 1 and 3 on a daily basis
1. I have to realize on a daily basis that I am powerless because if I don’t my ego will try to take control and try to persuade me that I have power and I am doing it not God. If that happens un-manageability is not far behind.
3. I have to turn my life and will over to the care God everyday via reminders and repeating it when I get the reminders.

Trying to stay close to God via :
I listen to Christian Music,
Always trying to way to integrate God into my life. Example I use many passwords at work or as part of daily life with these I set them things to remind me like past passwords
“L0rdhavemercyChr1sthavemercy” that is 27 characters long with characters and numbers pretty secure but also easy to remember.
3 & 1/2 months ago I started going to Mass on a daily basis and confession weekly. I attend 3 meetings a week, trying to start another one a CIR one in my parish.

I try to reach out to other guys in my meetings we have groups to lean on each other we call them band of brothers.