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LesLes Larios

I have also had some difficult times in AA with Catholic bashing. I have a tendency to lash out in defense of the faith. As retired military it is difficult not to be a defender! In my home state we have a bill coming up for vote to prohibit public funding for abortions. So it struck me to post the CCC abortion section on my Facebook page! As I was perusing the voters pamphlet, I discovered a group called Catholics for Choice. I had no idea they existed, so I felt compelled to get the Churches position out there. These kinds of things always seem to come up in AA meetings, and I value my sobriety, but there are times I feel as though I should just get out of there. It can be frustrating for sure. I discovered this CIR as a result of a recent Catholic Sentinel article, a Portland, Oregon publication. It seems we have only one CIR group in our state! I would love to hear feedback on this if there are any other Oregonians out there. Would be nice to have some expansion of available meetings!