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HopeHope Restored

I can relate to your situation having just started attending both AA and Al-alon Meetings again after some time along with attending a CIR meeting in our area. I was struck by the fact that every AA meeting so far has had just that, a witness of a fallen away Catholic or “Recovering Catholic” as some have shared. On one hand it initially has made attending feel a bit uncomfortable, but yet I have also seen where four Catholic Sponsors in AA (without initially sharing they were Catholic – although one does wear their Cursillo cross) were eventually asked where they attended Church. In three to four instances within the last year God has used these Catholic Sponsors to bring fallen away Catholics and/or individuals to return/join the Catholic faith tradition. Now if you consider that many Catholics won’t even attend anything that is not Catholic, Catholic In Recovery actually offers a safe comfortable alternative for them to relate the 12 steps to their Catholic faith. We have more first time attendees in our startup CIR group then we ever expected for this very reason. I believe God will be the one who will nudge people to ask you questions about your faith opening up a door to slowly build a relationship and allow God to water seeds slowly around who and what the Catholic Church really is all about. What a great calling, maybe pray and ask God to bring those who’s hearts He is/has prepared for the Church to you for sponsorship and for the grace to be the bridge of whomever He needs you to be as their sponsor.