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BaryeBarye Bluth

Hi Anthony – what a beautiful story! I hadn’t really thought about AA being Catholic but I got it from your writing. That really helps, actually. I love that you were all-in at your protestant church but were so noble as to want to pursue the back story for those who consulted you. And, so amazing how it brought you back to your Catholic roots! I love conversion stories – I watch the EWTN show A Journey Home all the time.

Could you share what it was like when alcohol took you to your knees? My head trap is I get sober and then down the road a year or so I start thinking I can drink normally. I know that is addiction talking. (At least now, when I am in the thick of a relapse). If I do it again, I want to do it for my whole life and be thrilled about being sober. Mostly for me, I can do my responsibilities so am ‘functioning’ but I have this hamster wheel I am on in which I think I can drink, I can for a bit, I have too much, bad hangover and commitment to try again that lasts a few days or a few hours. Ug. Hate it. Christine’s story above really resonated for me.

I’m so glad you are all here and there is a site for Catholics. That makes me so happy.

PS – I never thought about AA shares as being a missionary thing…so nice. I love our church so much.