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AnthonyAnthony Buttigieg

Hi bayre! That is an amazing testimony! I love it! Il try keep my story short..
I was baptised as a baby into the Catholic Church but my family never went to mass or anything. Dad a atheist very anti Rome. I became a atheist from being agnostic at 19 years of age and started my drinking career around same time. This went on for 11 years my drinking brought me to my knees and a friend of mine a AA member suggests trying AA. I went to few meetings got a sponsor started working the steps. After neeling down to do the fourth step prayer something changed in me. I left my sponsors house and driving home I believed in God. Something woke in me and changed how I viewed the word. Doing AA for a while I started recognising core Christian teachings and principles to the steps and doing research on AA History found out I was right. So I started attending Protestant churches because I wanted to learn more about Jesus who captivated me got baptised and really got into serving at my church. Some years later I became a bible study leader and was kind of known as the go to guy for scripture interpretation that’s when the problem started. I wanted to be accurate with my interpretations of scripture but didn’t know were to go because what ever answer I gave I knew a church down the road said something different. I started looking into church history to see the earlyest teachings and realised also to trust the bible as the word of God I had to trust the Catholic Church. I was confused frightened becoming agnostic so I asked for prayers for clarification and wisdom, re visiting the New Testament I read it slowly and everything was sounding Catholic! I realised Mary had to be sooo much more then just another bible character. That Jesus started a physical Church and without its authority to guid us everything becomes a mess. After some arguments with friends and my wife Justine, I went back to the Catholic Church was excepted in by father Jude and I love it!!!! I have come to find that AA teachings fit perfectly with my Catholic faith. Much better then most Protestant denominations. The founders of AA derived most of its principles from the book of James.nearly named AA the James club historical fact. James is all about faith and works love, charity and service which is perfect Catholic theology and also strong AA principles. God works in all things that is good AA the 12 step program is definitely one of them. I continue to grown in AA because I’m a Catholic and I continue to grow as a Catholic because of the 12 steps. Also a Great opportunity to speak about my faith and bring others some clarity about our beautiful Church.????????