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PatrickPatrick Mason

The book that made me face the fact that I had a problem was The Porn Trap.

I discovered it while on retreat at an Ignatian Spiritual Retreat and spent the whole retreat reading the book.

From there I took the step recommended by the book to join a program, specifically Sex Addicts Anonymous which is a 12 step program. I joined them because they have regular online meetings every evening and where I lived was far from a phyisical meeting.

In the program I have bought their “Green Book” called Sex Addicts Anonymous which details the 12 steps and how to work them and provides a number of stories provided by fellow addicts.

I also have a book Answers in the Heart which is a daily meditation book that I read the daily meditation from.

I also have a booked called A Gentle Path through the Twelve Steps which is a non addiction specific guide through working the 12 steps.

On a whole, being in a program is helping me tremendously.