40 Meetings in 40 Days Lenten Challenge

This Lent, detach from addiction and attach to God’s freedom by completing the 40 Meetings in 40 Days Lenten Challenge. “Be renewed in the spirit of your minds, and put on the new self, created in God’s way in righteousness and holiness of truth” (Ephesians 4:23-24).


The 40 Meetings in 40 Days Lenten Challenge is an invitation to grow closer to Jesus Christ and renew your commitment to recovery this Lent. Throughout the season of Lent, which begins with Ash Wednesday on February 14, commit to attending at least one recovery meeting a day for 40 days (Sundays excluded, though still include Mass and the opportunity for extra credit if you do attend a meeting). The meetings you attend can be virtual or in-person Catholic in Recovery meetings or those of other 12-step recovery groups. As you journey throughout Lent, you will receive an email each morning that includes the following:


Each reflection offers a meditation from a Catholic in Recovery member on the day’s Mass readings as well as questions to prompt deeper engagement—all through a recovery perspective.


A daily commitment to action to deepen your recovery and faith. Each week we will suggest a new daily commitment to stack on your current commitments to help you build long-lasting healthy habits.


A comprehensive list (with links) to every Catholic in Recovery meeting offered virtually that day so that you can find and attend a meeting that fits your schedule. While we encourage you to attend a Catholic in Recovery meeting, any recovery-based meeting will count for the challenge.

Once registered, you will receive an email confirmation with suggestions on how to make the most of the 40 Meetings in 40 Days Lenten Challenge as well as additional details about the challenge.


…you will be eligible to win a prize package that includes Catholic in Recovery merchandise, The Catholic in Recovery Workbook, and free admission to a Catholic in Recovery retreat (over $300 value). Details will be provided near the end of the challenge.

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You are qualified to participate if any one of the following applies to you:

• You are active in recovery and want to deepen your relationship with Christ and the Church, seeking to renew your thoughts and attitudes.

• You have been in and out of recovery and want to finally take it seriously and make an honest commitment with the help of others.

• You have been struggling with an addiction, compulsion, or unhealthy attachment and you’re ready to quit and find a sufficient healthy alternative.

• You have a family member who struggles with an addiction or is in recovery from an addiction and you want to learn what Christ-centered recovery is all about.

• You have a family member with an addiction, are in a recovery fellowship, and want to renew your recovery foundation and relationship with Christ this Lent.

• You are unsure whether you would consider yourself an addict, but you want to stop an unhealthy habit with the help of God and explore a sober lifestyle.


By attending the daily CIR meetings, the 40 Meetings in 40 Days Lenten Challenge helped me stay accountable to God by receiving the Holy Eucharist and going to adoration more often. It also gave me the opportunity to meet others like myself. I learned that by attending meetings, I am doing service work when I listen and/or share my experiences.

— Valerie

The daily CIR reflections are awesome! The wisdom of others in recovery is vital for my humility and recovery. Those reflections kept me connected and grounded with CIR and my fellow Catholics in recovery. Love this ministry! What a gift!

— Pete S.

I’m very thankful for this Lenten challenge—it was really amazing. I have experienced the difference between CIR and other 12-step programs viscerally. The meetings are inspiring and give me hope, and I loved the daily CIR reflection questions that we used for our meeting discussions. They were thought-provoking and helped me learn more about myself and addiction-related hang-ups.


Why now?

Lent is a season in the Church’s calendar when we are called to reinvigorate the spiritual practices at the foundation of our faith. We take on a spirit of renewal as we walk alongside those who are preparing to enter the Catholic Church, much like how we accompany newcomers to recovery by remembering and sharing about the early days of our recovery.



• Initiate or invigorate your sobriety/abstinence

• Gain freedom from unhealthy attachments (technology, codependency, anxiety, control, etc.)

• Encounter spiritual renewal

• Increase gratitude

• Replace old negative beliefs with a mindset of hope and optimism

• Strengthen your capacity to handle life on life’s terms

• Discover fellowship with other Catholics in Recovery members

• Receive daily encouragement to help you achieve your Lenten goals

• Develop spiritual tools to overcome compulsive behaviors and attitudes

• Form new positive habits and routines that will last

• Connect with the Church’s liturgy and mission this Lent

• Deepen your reliance on and love for Jesus, Mary, and the Saints

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